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Why buy and hold your cryptocurrency investments hoping the value will increase in the long term? Trade with the professionals and profit from the volatile trends within the cryptocurrency markets, no matter the sentiment.

Our partnership

Our partnership with Zignaly has made it possible to manage our clients funds with our proven trading strategy. This allows the everyday cryptocurrency investor to trade our strategy with full automation after a simple setup process.

Trade with confidence

Proven results

We have optimised and tested our trading strategy on all available trading pairs and historical data. That is cumulatively over 100 years of data.

We have also now traded with real live funds for our followers on the Zignaly platform for several months with great results.  

Get more on your crypto

Buy and hold is not necessarily a bad simple strategy but we provide the opportunity to passively make a healthy profit on your current cryptocurrency investments.

As with any trading system, results are not guaranteed.


Full automation

After you connect your exchange account to our trading system on Zignaly, our algorithm will take over and you will be trading the exact same trades we take with our real live accounts. Follow our setup guide.

Why most traders fail

For a number of reasons, but essentially they don’t have a proven strategy which shows consistent results across all available historical data and market conditions.

Risk / money management

Without professional money management, you can destroy your account even with a profitable strategy by taking too much risk on a single trade. This aspect is just as important than the strategy itself.

We never place too much risk on any single trade. We ensure our risk is diversified across hundreds of trades to reduce our risk and give us the best chance of success in the long term.


Trade with an edge

How do casinos make their profit? They have less than a 5% edge. That is all it takes to come out on the positive side over the long term. We use the same principles in our trading strategy.

Our trading style

As with most professional traders, we trade with the trend. Our trading strategy identifies markets which look like they are about to make a significant move to the upside and we get in early on the wave. Once the trend shows weakness, we look for the next wave.

We are swing traders, meaning our trades last several days and take advantage of larger swings in the market. We are not a day trading strategy, and we do not go for small profits. We cut our losses short and let our winners run.  


Do we lose any trades?

With every trading system it is important to know when to exit, and when to enter a trade. Our algorithm uses a dynamic entry and exit signal for our trades to react to market conditions. We do not try to predict the future, we just react to the market. 


Compound your profits

Our trading strategy allocates a small percentage of your total account equity for each trade. This means we take larger position sizes as your account grows in equity.


There is no trading strategy which can escape a period of losses or drawdown. As long as we have more profit than loss in the long term, we will see our accounts grow.

Having tested our strategy over all historical data available to us, we can expect drawdowns to happen at some stage. 

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a crucial part of the puzzle when trying to piece together a resilient and reliable trading strategy. This alone can take years to master and we realise not everyone has that time.

Automating your trades with Erfund is the easiest way to ensure you are on the right side of the market.

Which markets do we trade?

We trade high volume coin pairs across the Bitcoin [BTC ] and Tether [USDT] markets. This ensures we have low spreads and high liquidity to enable large volumes of trades. Spreading our equity across 2 major assets also helps us diversify and lower our risk.

Results: we’ll let our numbers do the talking.

Our partnership with Zignaly not only allows us to provide you with the ability to synchronise your trading account with our proven trading strategies, but it also independently verifies our trading statistics. These results come directly from our own live trading accounts on the exchange and cannot be tampered in any way.

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